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EZ Smart Response is a utility that allows users to install Intel® Smart Response Technology with the click of a mouse, even if their system is set to IDE mode, without having to reinstall their Windows operating system. D) provides a quick way to boost your hard drive performance by simply adding another hard drive and providing you with an easy to use hard drive management.

Smart Connect Technology means that your email, favorite apps, and social networks are continually and automatically updated even when the system is asleep. All intellectual property rights, including without limitation to copyright and trademark of this work and its derivative works are the property of, or are licensed to, GIGA-BYTE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

No more waiting for the latest world news or friends’ updates to be delivered—just press the ‘on’ button and you’re up-to-date and ready to go.

Accelerating system performance is made easy with the user friendly GIGABYTE e Xtreme Hard Drive (X.

Supported operating modes include IDE, AHCI, and RAID.

Thanks for the reply Fernando, I will update as you suggested.For advanced users: You will need to switch Boot Mode to Legacy to boot DOS, run EC.BAT, then switch back to UEFI after you have flashed the EC.Links: Special version download Default version download NOTE: If you have updated to the special version and experience issues with Intel Rapid Storage Technology, please update BIOS to version 55 or later.BIOS 55 may not also include the update to the EC which controls the fan, so updating to this BIOS without first updating from the first link above is unlikely to change fan operation.As a consequence I will put an additional remark regarding this kind of Award/Phoenix BIOSes and a link to the detailed guide into the chapter A of if (/t[0-9]*f[0-9]*-(.*).html#msg(.*)/.test(window.location)) $('#foptions_link').click( function() ); $('#foptions_link2').click( function() ); $('#messagewrap').click(function() ); $('.goto_top').click(function(event) ); $('.goto_top').hover(function(), function()); function fix Post Images(){ //adjust max image size padding = 100; optswidth = $('#searchopts').width(); max_img_size = $('.


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