How to troll on a dating website

So after waiting a couple of days I started getting messages, many messages. Well, here are the men I interacted with and even met. I did meet one nice guy but we didn’t click, he was a little too granola for me, one nice guy. Some who had bad hygiene but drove very expensive cars … What I did notice that was a common denominator in ALL of them.

There were, however, countless dirty old men propositioning me. Many who were extremely cheap (Tim Horton’s on the first date? They acted like they were privileged and deserved the best and that came to women too. Because they had money they didn’t need to settle for a normal girl, they deserved arm candy, they deserved someone they could show off, particularly because most of them were nothing special to look at.

This week they came out with some interesting local stats. Well, I’ve dated some of them (most I’ve met at events), I’ve even rejected some. Many have thought that I was in love with them because I was friendly. Some have made my stomach turn in disgust while others made me want to punch their lights out. I won’t say which ones I did try but I tried a couple. I put in my generic profile information and description that I use for most sites.

Apparently, there are 988 eligible millionaires in Ottawa. Needless to say, not many great experiences with said millionaires. I’ve even, out of curiosity of course, purely for research purposes ;), been on them. I put a couple of nice pictures of myself but I did add that I wasn’t looking to be taken care of financially.

hen Vanessa* found a Facebook group dedicated to horror and fantasy movies a couple of months ago, she was thrilled to discuss her favorite topic with nearly 5,000 people who shared her enthusiasm.

Figures from the Pew Research Centre show that since 2013 the number of 55-64 year olds using the internet to find a partner has doubled, and for 18-24 year olds the number has nearly tripled."Please do not feed the trolls" does not apply here.The world of online dating is extensive and exhausting for those in search of a potential mate, but the hook-up app Tinder brings the confusion to another level. Whether people just being a jerk for the pure enjoyment of getting a rise out of someone or detering from the general conversation and productivity at hand, Tinder and the rest of the online dating world is crawling with trolls.So now, not only are there dating sites, but there are sites to expose the lying daters.The wrote, “are dedicated to outing bad apples or just identifying people who may not be rotten but whose dating profiles are rife with fiction.” Another site,, goes after the online predators.It also made me chuckle because they based these stats on one of the millionaire dating sites, you know the ones, the sugar daddy ones. I do like to be spoiled, I mean who doesn’t, but I can take care of myself just fine. I was quite surprised to see that I wasn’t that popular at first. I had a friend who was much younger put in her profile too and she was a hit.


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